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Class A RV

Class A RVs are considered to be the largest out of all RV types (2-10 people ). Great for larger families or groups. They can be customized from anything to your basics needs all the way up to more of a luxury style. Weighs typically around 13,000 – 30,000 Ibs

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Class B RV

If you ever see Travel Vans on the road? Well, these bad boys are considered Class B RVs. Making it the perfect fit for 2-4 people. The weight typically runs from anywhere from 4,000 – 9,000 Ibs with a size range of 17  – 23 feet.

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Class C RV

Class C RVs are what you see as middle ground. Not too big or not too small fitting around  2-8 people.

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RV Guides

Time is the money and we start the project on time and complete it before the deadline. You can get your project done lightning fast without any complain.

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At High County RV, we always keep eye on upcoming RV rentals and we make sure we are always updated. So, our visitors get the best and the output that stands in the international market.

RV Rental Tips & Tricks

RV painting can be a hassle especially when you are painting the fiberglass exterior of the RV. In this guide you’ll learn how to properly paint the RV fiberglass without any troubles. 

There are many factors you should look for even before deciding to purchase a Travel Trailer, but you when you are in the market for one there are many factors and tips you NEED to know in order to get the best deal on your travel trailer.

When you own an RV there are many things you need to maintain in order to keep your RV in tip top shape. Unclogging your RV toilet is one of them. 

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